Footurama x Staple NY City Series

New York has given birth to the most exciting names, introduced the world to fresh new ideas, while let’s not forget the attitude we are all familiar with. Divided into several neighborhoods, each place holds their own identity close to its heart. The city embraces diversity and is known to be a melting pot that brings people of all backgrounds together.

Joining Footurama in this collaboration, is the New York City native, Jeff Staple, whose renowned brand Staple that is inspired by the gritty energy of New Yorkers and its culture could be considered as a true representation of the city he calls home. In the newest edition of City Series, Jeff Staple and Footurama has brought the essence of New York into a range of goods. From t-shirts, plush toys and a sticker pack, each item will have a carefully selected piece of New York to take home with them.

12 items in Footurama x Staple NY City Series