Maude by Natasha Gabriella Tontey

I find there is a subtle look in the latest collection of FFF that embraces finest parody within its well-designed and masculine structure. Through this collection, I see nuance from a film that revolves around the story of a young man’s interest to death and his encounter, an old lady who’s waiting for grim reaper to pick her up from earth.

With this lookbook, I try to put an aspect of childhood, where something could be threatening, inexplicable and corrosive. But I want to accentuate that the idea of childhood can only be delivered fictionally.

In a fictional scenario, someone can turned into a perpetual kid when there’s a displacement of sanity amidst the infinite miseries from non-linear future and structured society. I believe this scenario could encapsulate the unstrung nerves people possessed which could lead into unearthly horror that kids usually experience.

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