Photographed by the talented Sally Ann and Emily May Gunawan, the “Unfolded” lookbook features some of our current favorite looks and styles.  The creative duo has been working together for more than 3 years; they are no strangers to the world of fashion photography. Photographing people and portraying how they see them inside out is their passion, they have worked with all sorts of clients outside fashion, such as for commercials and weddings.

The Unfolded lookbook is inspired by “conscience, regrets and taking that leap of faith” said Sally and Emily, “It’s about cutting off the wrong people from your life, the ones that don’t deserve a place in our hearts.” Every detail, every fold and every tear in this lookbook feels personal and expressive. From the lenses of the two talented photographers, to the pages of Footurama.com, enjoy this very special lookbook.


Photographer: Sally Ann & Emily May Gunawan
Models: Winny Christy & Thaison Horn
Stylist: Michael Killian



39 items in Unfolded